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The automated cataloging solution with a dedicated market-specific services layer.


    Enhances the ability to discover products through Link sourcing. A large number of products online are already hosted on some platform or the other. Cygnus enables us to track down the relevant information about the product by just using an image, a unique identifier like ASIN, Model or EAN number, or product name and brand. Cygnus helps us to pull up the links in a given marketplace where this product is already listed.

    Alvis is used to source product information from existing listings to build a detailed enriched catalog. It reduces the time taken to list products and eliminates dependancy on the seller to furnish critical data.

    Reti uses computer vision to correctly identify the category and extract information about the product. The results are displayed with a confidence score, which is an estimate of how accurate the result collection has been. Not only does it make the task of attribute extraction for large data sets a one-click task, but also reuces the time and efoort which goes into QC. The accuracy score displayed is a clear indication of which attributes mauy need to be manually verified.

    Alter , a photo editing interface, enables customisation of existing photoshoots to specific marketplace requirements. It automates the tasks of resizing, background change, renaming and sequencing, making it possible to bulk-process.

    Rise, an Auto-text generation model, uses product information to generate descriptions based on the primary attributes and tags of a product. It can auto-generate multiple 30-50 word product descriptions - making it possible to choos one which aligns with the Brand Tone.


    COMPANY OVERVIEW is the creators of one of the leading product suite that caters to your product cataloging needs. We supplement our technology by providing the services of a well-curated group of catalogers and processes to give you a customer-ready catalog. Automating the painful task of cataloging products with the help of cutting edge technology since 2018, we have helped to catalog more than 8.5 Million SKUs to various market places in less than 4 years. Our products reduce cataloging time by almost 90%. We now have a presence today across 6 countries and is fast spreading across regions. is based out of Bangalore, India.

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